Where to See Wild Animals in London

Visiting London needs to be done carefully. This includes planning your trip on time to make sure you don’t miss out on amazing things to see and do. Choose exciting events, art, entertainment, and restaurants. This allows you to enjoy your visit. Here are some of the places to see wild animals whenever you visit London. Learn more here.

WWT London Wetland Center                               

Situated in the river Thames in Barnes, the marshes and lakes on this reserve park feature water voles, grass snakes, nesting sand martins, wasp spiders, and lapwings. During winter, you will have a chance to see flocks of ducks like teal, gadwall, and shoveler. Learn more about Best Museums to a Visit in London.

Sydenham Hill Wood

Situated in the south of the capital, this ancient woodland is owned by the London wildlife trust. Some of its highlights include old oaks, tawny owls, stag beetles, and a lot of fungi. There is also a display of woodland wildflowers such as wood sage, bluebells, and wild garlic.

RSPB Rainham Marshes

Previously, Thames has featured grazing marshes. The survivor, squeezed between the Eurostar railways line and a large landfill site. This offers an ideal place to watch water voles, wasp spiders, dragonflies, waterbirds, raptors, and many waders. 

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