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The U.K.’S Premier German Language Translation Services

At Translation Services UK, we are able to deliver German translation services from 150 languages worldwide.

German is one of the most important languages in business, with the country being an economic powerhouse especially in the engineering and manufacturing industries. We also have clients requiring German translation for the arts, medical research and legal documents. If you’re looking to have a document, video or audio file translated into German Translation Services UK service can help. We can even help if you need translations into specific German dialects too.

Why Choose Translation Services UK Agency For German Translations?

Germany is an important country. With a population of over 82 million and some of the biggest most respected brands, German is one of the most sought after languages in queries from our clients. This is why we have recruited one of the most extensive teams of professional German translators in the United Kingdom. We have skilled certified translators who are able to translate into native german specific sectors and industries. They fully understand the technical terminology and jargon and will ensure that your translation reads as accurately and fluently in German as it does in the original language.

We pride ourselves on consistently being able to deliver the most accurate translation service thanks to our ISO certified quality control processes. All our translators have a minimum of five years of experience and a native of the target language. We start by assigning an experienced project manager who will be responsible for the project from start to finish. They will liaise with the client to ensure they fully understand the brief and scope of the project before selecting the most relevant and qualified translator to deliver the translation. Once the translator has completed the translation and edited their work it is turned over to the project manager. The project manager will review the work to ensure it meets any technical criteria before sending it to a second linguist, also a native of the target language, they will proofread the document for accuracy and fluency. Only once the second linguist is happy that the translated text fully represents the original text, will it be returned to the project manager who will present it to the client.

By having two qualified and experienced translators work on every single translation we are able to deliver the highest quality translations each and every time. Get a free quote today.

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Certified German Translation Services

Regardless of the industry that you require the text to be translated in, we have an experienced and certified German translator on hand to deliver translation services of the highest standard. Most German translations we undertake are delivered by our express translation services. Depending on the scope of the project, we are often able to deliver the same day service, sometimes in a matter of hours. Right now our German translation services include:

-certified German translation services

financial translation services

-German legal document translation services

-German transcription services

-German audio translation services

To find out more about our translation services or to receive a free no-obligation quote that has no-kidding surprises, give our customer support team a call. We have quotes presented within 60 minutes.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

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English To German Translation Services

Translation Services UK services deliver first-class English to German translations that support our clients when needing to work with one of Europe’s most important business hubs. Germany and England have always had a strong history of trade and business partnerships. For this reason, our English to German translation services is one of the most popular translation services we provide. We deliver translations from English to German that cover a range of business services from translating legal contracts to subtitling marketing videos, but we also deal with individuals who require English to German translation services too. Whatever your translation needs are, Translation Services UK services team of German translators are ready to get to work on your translation project. Get in touch today for a no-obligation free quote.

German To English Translation Services

Not only do we provide English to German translation services but naturally we have linguists available who are experts and qualified at delivering German to English professional translations.

All of our German to English translations follow the same procedure. It starts with the allocation of the most relevant and experienced project manager. They will start the project by liaising with the client to ensure they understand the brief.

Next, the PM will choose the native-speaking translator for the target language. A linguist who has the right experience, background and technical terminology which will ensure that the translation of documents is accurate and fluent.

The translator will be a native English speaker. This ensures that the German translation is as accurate in its new target language (English) as it was in the original language (German).

Once they complete their translations it will be passed to a second native translator who will be responsible for proofreading the translation to ensure it is both accurate and reads fluently in English. Only once they are 100% satisfied will the document be returned to the project manager.

The project manager will ensure the document translation is properly formatted and meets any technical criteria. For example, there may be some technical requirements if the document is a web page or an audio translation. Only when the PM is completely happy that the translation meets all criteria will they deliver the project to the client. The client has 14 days to review the translation project and ask for any changes. There are no limits on the number of changes to the translation by the client but in our experience, our project managers and translators do such a good job it is a rare occurrence for a client to require changes.

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