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Certified Translation Services UK: Do You Need Documents Officially Certified And Delivered?

Having provided thousands of certified translations over the last decade, we understand the potential headaches caused by bureaucracy around the world. We help individuals and organizations cut through the red tape thanks to our professional certified translation services. Call now for a free quote and get documents translated and delivered in one working day for as little as €50.

Provided With Each Certified Translation

  • We verify that the translated text is a true and accurate translation of the source and officially stamped translation.
  • The date of the certified translation
  • The specific details of the translation company. For example name and contact details

All Certified Translations Are:

  • ISO certified and legally recognized across Europe and North America
  • Reasonably priced with fast delivery available
  • Recognized and accepted by private and public organizations.

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Types Of Official Translation Services

Certified Translations

Every certified text translation delivered by Translation Services UK will be stamped and confirmed that the text is a complete and accurate translation of the original document. If you are in UK based, using a UK certified translation service will be sufficient for officially translated documents.

Notarised Translation Services

Our notarized translation service requires the translator to swear an oath before a public notary that the translation has been completed by him or her. It is not the responsibility of the notary to confirm the quality of the translation only the identity of the translator. The notarized translation is then officially certified by the legal notary.

Sworn Translations

A sworn translation service is a translation completed by translators who have a specific qualification or degree in translating. So translators are usually credited by government institutions and/or the local courts. This formality means any translation delivered is legally deemed accurate.

Legalize Translations

If you require official documents to be used overseas, they will potentially need to be legalized or apostilled. If you are in the UK, this legalization is completed by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. It is not their responsibility to guarantee the translation quality-they just stamp to confirm that the document is genuine. This process is only valid in countries that have signed the Hague Convention.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

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Why Choose Translation Services UK?

As one of the UK’s premier translation agencies, the Translation Services UK agency has been delivering certified translation services from its head office in London and online globally for over a decade. We can offer certified translation services in 150 languages. Clients come to us for a whole range of translation services from something as simple as English to Spanish translation of a wedding certificate, to a sworn or a certified translation of a specific business document. Our experienced and certified business translators are on hand and ready to deliver a certified translation of your business documents. Express services are also available.

All translations are completed to the highest level of accuracy. Your personally assigned project manager will hand-select the most appropriate professional translator to translate for you. They then proofread and check their work before returning it to the project manager. As we are ISO certified (which means that all our certified, sworn and notarised translations are fully accredited and must follow a strict quality assurance protocol), your translation will be passed to a second linguist who is also a native in the target language, who will proofread and verify the quality of the original translation.

As experts in certified translations, we can work with a variety of different formats. Not only will your document be translated, but we will also ensure that the presentation of the translated document meets the requirements of your official document. This could mean using the original format of the certificate or document that is being translated or adopting it to the legally recognized model used by the country in question. If you’re not sure, ask your project manager who is experienced at dealing with these kinds of certification issues.

UK Certified Translation Services: Available In Over 150 Languages

We currently have native translators in over 150 languages. We don’t just limit our expertise to a language; we are also able to conduct translation services in a variety of regional and local dialects. Our team of translators includes certified medical translators and certified legal translators which allows us to be able to deliver both a certified medical translation service and a certified legal translation service. Currently, some of our most popular certified document translation services include:

Certified Documents Translations In The UK

Why Do I Need Such A Translation Certification?

It is often a legal requirement to ensure any papers used for official purposes have been translated accurately, giving the translated version legal validity. This is most often the case with personal documentation such as the translation of degrees or wedding certificates. Certification is also required for medical translations or the certification of specific business documents.

As a respected and trusted London translation agency, we can deliver a wide range of language translation services to meet our client’s specific needs. We specialize in delivering translations from a variety of different industries and in many languages. If you require an official document translated that hasn’t been listed, please get in contact with our customer support team who will be able to advise you on getting documents translated, the cost and timescale involved in providing the service. Call now for a free quote.

Who Translates Official Certificates In The UK?

We can certainly help. We work with individuals and families, helping them to bridge any language gaps when dealing with official agencies and organizations. Our customers can lean on our wealth of experience in delivering certified translation services to ensure we have the right form of translation delivered in the right format. We can offer all our translation services, including our certified translations, at an affordable price and within a timescale that works for you.

If you’re looking for a wedding certificate translation or a divorce certificate translation, please be aware that such certificate translations must be carried out by a translator. Additionally, there is a specific format that these translations must use and be adhered to for the translated text to be considered legitimate. Don’t worry, if you’re not sure what the right format is our team of experts are on hand to guide you. Call us to find out more.

From the moment you make initial contact, you will not be disappointed. In most cases, we can deliver a full quote within one hour, tailored to your specific needs. You will be assigned a personal project manager who will ensure that your certified translation is delivered in a format that is required for it to be legitimate and serve its purpose.

Court Certified Translator For Visa Documentation

Many of our clients are concerned about their legal status since Brexit. With the negotiations between the United Kingdom government and the European Union still ongoing, it is very difficult to give any reassurance. Clients are nervous that the immigration documentation that was translated several years ago may no longer meet the current home office regulations. The natural concern is this could impact their immigration status.

Our London certified translation services UK, work very closely with the latest government guidelines when translating documentation relating to citizenship and resident permit applications. We fully understand how stressful these times are. Get in contact with our customer support team to find out the latest information and to be able to clarify if your translated documents are still valid in their current format.

Translation Services UK: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Many new clients come to the Translation Services UK Agency from referrals of existing and previous clients. That is because we know how to take care of our clients. Each project is given its own project manager who has experience at working with the specific knowledge required for the project. It is the project manager’s responsibility to ensure resources are being used to be able to effectively deliver the certified translation service required and also to be on hand to answer any questions and guide the client through the process.

As a certified translation UK agency, we are ISO accredited. This means that every document goes through a process of quality control that ensures it is delivered as accurately as possible. This includes having native linguists work on the translation of the documents. The first is the official translator and the second as an official proofreader who confirms the accuracy of the translation.

We can adjust our services to meet the needs of the client. If you need urgent translation services, we can get documents back to you – sometimes within hours. For more information, call us, our customer support team is ready to help now.

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