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Russian Translation Agency

The U.K.’s premier Russian language translation services.

With more than 2000 qualified translators making up our network, Translation Services UK can deliver high-quality translation services from 150 languages into Russian. Or conversely, from Russian into pretty much any other language used around the globe.

Russia plays a vital role in business and other sectors with Russia being one of the biggest and influential economies today. We often have clients who require certified Russian language documents translated for business as well for education or medical research purposes. If you need to have a document, video or audio file translated into Russian we can boast to having some of the most qualified and experienced translators of Russian. Your project manager will take care of you throughout the project. If you require a Russian translation service for a specific dialect of Russian then speak to our customer’s service team today we should be able to help.

Why Choose Translation Services UK Agency For Russian Translations?

In terms of translation services, Russian is quite popular. With a large economy and political influence having documents translated in and from Russian is becoming increasingly important.

For this reason, we have one of the most qualified and experienced teams of professional Russian translators, based in London as well as having an international network of translators.

All our translators have more than five years of experience in translating for specific sectors and industries. As native Russian translators experienced in a specific industry they also understand the technical terminology and jargon. This means they are able to translate specialized texts and documents accurately and fluently.

We have processes in place to ensure we can deliver Russian translations consistently. We are very proud of our ISO certified quality control process that we use, it ensures we deliver the most accurate translations for each customer on each project.

Being ISO certified for translation means we are required to have each document worked on by two native Russian translators. This is the process we follow:

Each project is assigned to a project manager. They will either be experienced in the sector or in translating documents to or from Russian. The first priority is to ensure they have a full brief from the client. They will work with the client to ensure they fully understand the scope of the project. Once they have all the details they need, they will select a suitable Russian translator from our network of over 2000 translators.

The translator will be a native Russian speaker and must have experience in the sector that the document or video/audio file is being translated into. The translator will understand the terminology being used in the translation.

Once the translator is finished, the text is given to a second translator who must also be a native speaking translator of the target language. It will be their responsibility to ensure it is translated accurately and reads naturally. Only once they have confirmed the accuracy of the translation will it be returned to the project manager who will confirm that it is correctly formatted and meets any technical requirements the client has. It will then be presented to the client who has 14 days to ask for an unlimited amount of changes.

We guarantee that on every project, two qualified and experienced translators work on the project. This allows us to have every confidence in the quality of all translations and is the main reason why clients use TSUK English and Russian translation services. To find out how we can help you or to get a free quote, call us today.

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Certified Russian Translation Service

At Translation Services UK we are able to deliver specialized document translation in Russian, regardless of the industry or sector that you require documents translating in. We have recruited and vetted over 2000 translators who all have a minimum of five years experience and expertise in different sectors. Our certified Russan translators are able to deliver only high-quality translation service to meet your needs. If you need a Russian translation delivered urgently, try out our express translation service.

We offer same-day service, and in many cases, we can have your translation back in just a few hours. Our Russian translation services can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the client. They currently include:

-Certified Russian translation services

-Certified financial translation services

-Russian legal document translation services

-Russian transcription services

-Russian audio translation services

If you are looking for a Russian translation service that isn’t on the list, please give our customer support team a call. They will walk you through the options available and give you a personalized quote within 60 minutes.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

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English To Russian Translation Services

At Translation Services UK Agency we deliver the very best first-class English-Russian translations. Russian businesses play an important role in international business. More and more businesses need to work with Russian partners and clients. For this reason, our English-Russian translation service is important.

For our English business clients, we are able to deliver English-Russian translation documents that include everything from legal contracts to medical research. We are asked to translate birth certificates and wedding certificates from English into Russian more and more frequently. For all your English-Russian translation needs Translation Services UK Agency is a translation company that gets the job done. Get in touch today for a free no-obligation quote.

Russian To English Translation Services

As well as being able to translate from English to Russian we have a dedicated team of Russian to English translators. With each translation service, we require the translator to be a native of the target languages. In other words, the language the documents are to be translated into. This ensures that the final translated documents read naturally in the target language. We have an extensive and experienced team of Russian to English translators who are on hand and available to work on your translation whether it is for business or personal purposes.

All our translations go through the same process. Upon ordering an English-Russian translation service, you will be assigned your personal project manager. They will be responsible for identifying the correct translator for the job. After speaking to you to confirm the brief they will ensure that the translator has the relevant background and experience necessary to deliver the perfect translation.

Once the translator has finished their work, the text is then delivered to a second translator who will proofread the translation. They will also be a native of the target language as well as a qualified and certified translator. This ensures that the translation has been completed accurately and the final result is an accurate representation of the original text.

After the proofreader has confirmed the accuracy of the translation the project manager will check if it needs any technical specifications in terms of formatting and will then deliver the completed translation to the client.

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