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Subtitling Services​

If you are considering reaching your global audience in their respective languages to boost engagement and sales, you need our subtitling services. At TSUK, we have subtitlers who are native speakers of over 150 languages.

Regardless of your industry or business, our subtitlers have the knowledge and experience to subtitle your audio and video files while maintaining niche-specific terms and 100% accuracy. And as one of the UK’s premier subtitling and translation service providers, we take pride in our fast delivery and straightforward process.

Do You Need Subtitle Services?

If you plan to extend the scope of your business across your base, you will need subtitling services. The chances are that your target audience doesn’t fully understand your language. While your current and prospective customers might grasp the basic terms in your offerings, subtitling to their common language will help your business.

First, with international subtitling services your audience won’t miss out on any of the details in your video ads or product descriptions. Secondly and most importantly, subtitling your audio and video to the language of your customers with subtitle translation shows them you care, and that your company is inclusive.

In essence, your target audience will find a sense of belonging with you and your products. When they do, your sales will skyrocket. Even if you’re not in business, the engagement will improve your visibility and help your SEO efforts.

While subtitling services can improve lead conversion, you should carefully choose which you use. For the corporate industry, such as legal services, auto-generated subtitles won’t work because the tone of the language will come off as jovial and informal.

In that case, you should hire a professional provider of subtitling services. With one, rest assured that the technicalities of your business will reflect in every word your audience reads.

At TSUK, we understand the technicalities of your business and organizations. More importantly, our experts know how to convey your message to international audiences most comprehensively without diluting the content.

With us, all you need to do is submit your audio and video files, and we will take it from there. We will even help you decide if subtitle services or closed captions is the best for your audience.

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What Is Closed Captioning?

Video subtitling generally meets the needs of audiences who do not understand your native language. Captions, on other hand, are directed to people who can’t even hear the audio to start. Such people can be hard of hearing or suffering from listening difficulties such as dyslexia.

To help bridge the lack of understanding, captions include transcripts of dialogues, inaudible sounds, and even muffled emotions.

Captions have two categories which include open and closed captioning. The open captions are the type you can’t turn off irrespective of if you’re hard of hearing or not.

Closed captions, on the other hand, provide you with the option to turn off the transcripts. With these, your audience can decide if they want to read the background information or not.

Either way, you can only get the best quality subtitling transcripts with experts. Be it subtitles, open or closed captions, you should engage TSUK to improve your global reach.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

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Why Should You Trust Us For Your Video Transcription?

Assured Experience

At TSUK, we understand that video subtitles happen in stages, and each requires a varied set of skills. If not done right, the transcripts won’t convey the right message.

Thanks to our understanding, we ensure that we follow the due process of first transcribing your documents before translating them to the desired language.

And to ensure accuracy, our linguists check the grammar and vocabulary at each stage of transcription and translation. That way, we always follow your business preferences and make the subtitles as comprehensive as possible for your target audience.

In all, rest assured that we at TSUK have the required expertise to handle all the stages of your subtitles. In particular, we have over 500 transcriptionists, translators, and subtitlers that have years of experience working across various industries.


Our years of experience also mean that we have handled different subtitling services across numerous niches and industries. It doesn’t matter if you are a legal practitioner, entertainer, businessman, or even a doctor; rest assured that we can help you.

Besides your niches, we understand that you might not know how the format of your video and audio submissions affect the quality of the end subtitle. For that reason, we also accept all formats of video and audio.

About poor-quality files, our team can help you draw out the content to at least 99.9%. And you will find that no other subtitler offers more than that in the UK.

Beyond quality and niches, we also exude flexibility in how we work and our turnaround times. Even when you need your subtitles within 24hours, rest assured that we are capable at TSUK.

Inform us of your subtitling services requirements, and we will adjust our timelines to fit your needs. And all that is what you will get for a relatively affordable price.


We have worked with companies in legal and medical niches and understand how crucial information is to business and competition. From our knowledge, we have honed our data security base to protect you from security breaches.

For a start, we are ISO-certified. Also, our team – starting from transcriptionists, linguists, subtitlers to even translators – have signed non-disclosure agreements that bind them by law to protect your security. So, rest assured that your data is in safe hands, regardless of how precious or delicate it can be.

Streamlined Process

At TSUK, we pride ourselves on making you comfortable regardless of how minimal your subtitling services requests could be. In particular, we have a streamlined process that gets you your subtitles accurately and as soon as possible.

● You reach out with your audio and video file.

● You indicate your requirements.

● We assign a personal guide to inform you about your subtitling needs.

● Our editors receive your file and send it to the right expert to listen and transcribe.

● After the work is complete, the editor takes another look at it before sending it to you.

● You receive your video or audio subtitle.

The chances are that you want a few changes made to your video subtitle even after receiving the final work. We can equally help too. However, ensure to reach out soon to fix your subtitle transcript as fast as possible.


We offer a broad range of subtitling and subtitle translation / transcription translation services. Some of the professional services we offer include:

  • Social media
  • Video content
  • Captions for the deaf or hard of hearing
  • Audio transcription and translation
  • Video subtitling
  • Online broadcast subtitles
  • Subtitling service for foreign viewers

TSUK Is Your Best Bet In The UK For Wholesome Subtitling Services!

Ditch auto-generated subtitles and engage professionals to help you. Your business deserves better and no less than the seasoned experts in our team at TSUK. We can help your company with subtitling in a broad range of foreign languages targetting viewers and audiences around the world.

Regardless of your industry or preferred language, rest assured that our linguists, transcriptionists, and translators are well-versed.

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