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About Us

With over 500 qualified and certified translators and transcribers, Translation Services UK deliver the highest quality global interpreting services in over hundred and 150 languages. All our affordable interpreting services are delivered on time with quality guaranteed. If you are looking for an express service, we can have a quote delivered in 60 minutes or less. Call now to speak to one of our customer support representatives.

Language Certified Translation Services​

Are you looking to have a document translated into a foreign language? With over 2000 professional linguists that can translate into 150 languages, including languages with regional dialects, we are able to manage any project – large or small. With your designated project manager, we can manage certified translations services in multiple languages simultaneously.

Legal Translation Services​ London

Whether from our translation agency office or our online service, we can provide legal Interpretation services. Give us a call if you need your legal document translated.​

Official Translation Services​ London

Many of our clients require documents to be translated officially. They could be business, legal or personal documents. We have certified translators available in 150 languages and dialects.

Document Translation​ London

Our translation agency has a tech-savvy team who are able to work with documents in a range of files and formats. Give us a call now to check to see if we can work with your document type.​

Transcription Services​ London

Transcription services in the UK? We are a trusted transcription agency in the UK that has been the preferred choice for many professionals and businesses for many years.​

What’s Included​

  • ISO certified​
  • Certified translation services
  • Translators with five years experience​
  • Individual Project manager​
  • Translation services into dialects of the language​
  • Transparent pricing-price per word​
  • Receive a quote in one hour​

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Why Choose Translation Services UK

Quick Turnaround

Order our express interpreting services, and we can have certified translated documents back to you within hours. Most languages are available.


We are a client-focused translation agency that has outstanding customer service. We fully understand how important your time is; that is why we get back to all clients with a competitive quote within one hour. Once you’ve ordered from us, your personal project manager will be available to answer your questions quickly and effectively.

Native Translators

For all translations, we use native professional linguists who are translating documents into their native mother tongue. This ensures that the translation is not only accurate, but it is fluent and sounds natural.

ISO certified translation services. Our translation agency is ISO compliant. That means that every document is translated to the highest quality and accuracy, giving our clients peace of mind.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are You Based?

Translation Services UK are one of the fastest-growing translation agencies in London. We provide a wide spectrum of professional language solutions to businesses and individual customers from around the world.

We offer only the highest quality global Interpretation services in excess of 150 languages. We currently have a network of over 2000 qualified, experienced and highly skilled translators. We offer a variety of professional language services that include standard urgent and certified translations. We can offer English translation and translations into other languages.

We also deliver additional services including proofreading, transcription, localisation, voice-over solutions, transcreation, subtitling and desktop publishing of documents. If there is a service you are looking for that has not been listed, please call our customer service team who will be able to create a bespoke package specifically for your needs. TS UK London is part of the Espresso Translations group.

#1 London Based Translation Agency – What Makes Translation Services UK Unique?

It is a fair question. There is an abundance of UK translation companies that offer interpreting services in a variety of languages. So, it is right that you would want to better understand what makes our company unique and what is different about our translation process.

Translation Services UK are fortunate to be one of the most highly recommended language translation companies in the United Kingdom for a good reason. You get a high-quality translation on time every time. We ensure that all our documents are accurate and localised to their target audience. That doesn’t necessarily mean to a target language it could even be to a local dialect. Many of our linguists and translators specialise in specific areas of business, finance, medicine or law. So if you are looking for financial document interpretation services or certified legal document translators, we have the specialist fit your needs. This ensures that each document is translated by a native who not only understands the language but understands the terminology and sector that the document is written for.

Not only do we pride ourselves on the quality of the translations we provide but on our ability to deliver high-quality customer service. Regardless of whether you are a student looking to have your CV translated or a multi-international business looking to have your marketing material translated (please check our marketing interpretation services) we have you covered. To start, each client is allocated a personal project manager who will be their point of contact for the entirety of the project. You will send them the documents, then they will be responsible for ensuring the right translator is selected for the project. They will also be responsible for getting the document proofed by a second native translator, ensuring the document is properly formatted and sent back to you on time.

This is how we are different. Our team are ready and willing to be as flexible as necessary with our language services to get the job done properly. Your project manager is available via phone call video conference or even face-to-face to discuss your interpretation services needs and to ensure you have the right package to deliver exactly what you need.

In this modern world, we now live in it is important that you have an interpretation services partner that has all the technical experience to be able to work in a variety of different formats. Many of our international clients can choose from a human translation or the latest translation technology CAT tools. When working with transcriptions, our project managers and tech team are comfortable working with time coding tools. It is our combination of high-quality translators and linguists together with our use of technology that allows us to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

What Languages Do You Cover?

We have over 2000 native linguists working in over 150 languages, including many local or regional dialects. We understand the importance of getting it perfect. It is not merely about changing the words from one language to the target language but to understand local cultures, social, political, economic and religious influences along with the variety of dialects that are important to ensure the content is accurate and reads naturally. So, regardless of whether you are looking for a Spanish translation or Serbo-Croat, we have the native linguists ready and available.

How Do You Ensure The Quality Of Your Translation Company?

You don’t need to take our word on the quality of our translators, we have been independently certified with our ISO 17100:2015 certification that demonstrates the highest quality standards and policies used in our entire translation process.

This means that the translation is always given to a linguist who is a native of the target language being translated into. It also requires us to ensure they have specific knowledge of the sector the translation although under. For example, if it is a legal document, the linguist is required to have a legal background to ensure that the terminology is being used correctly. Then a second proofreader will receive the document to review. This second linguist will also be a native of the target language. This “double-check” by qualified and experienced native translators ensures the highest level of accuracy is guaranteed for every project. It also gives us the confidence to deliver the most sophisticated translations, whether that is a translation online or via our head offices in London, England. We are also able to deliver web content, technical documents or software localisation. Our team of experts is equipped to handle interpreting and interpretation, ensuring the same level of quality in all aspects of our services

Our team take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality translators. To ensure nothing gets missed, we allow unlimited revisions within 14 days of the date delivery. All you need to do is contact your project manager and let them know what needs to be revised, and they will handle the revision for you.

Do You Offer A Website Translations Service?

In today’s increasingly globalized world, a strong online presence is essential for businesses to reach a wider audience. With a network of experienced linguists, the agency specializes in not just translation, but also medical interpreting and transcription work. Whether you need to expand your reach or ensure accurate interpretation of complex medical information, Translations Services UK can help you effectively communicate with the world. We currently offer a website translation service. The service includes a personal Project Manager who specialises in website translations. They will be responsible for assigning the right translator with experience in website translations in your target language. Like all our services, our website translation service also includes our proofing service where a second native linguist will proofread the translated website content to ensure it both matches the original website text and is natural in the target language.

For more information on this service or for any of our services, request a quote or give us a call today.

How Do Our Language Services Work?

For each project, our translation process can differ to meet the needs of the client. However, generally, our translation solution process looks something like this:

  1. Upload your files and send them to us via the online form or by email.
  2. Your project manager will receive the docs and will review them to ensure they understand the scope of the project and will create a quote based on the information they receive together with the document. The quote will take into account the length of the text, the complexity of the document or language, and when the document needs to be delivered for. In other words, whether it is an all and express order or a standard order. Our goal is always to be able to deliver a personalised quote within one hour of receiving the form.
  3. If you are happy with the quote, and you wish to proceed, then you will need to send payment. Require full payment from all new clients. With regular clients, flexible terms are available.
  4. Upon payment is received, your project manager will assign the most relevant linguist, and work will begin translating your document. It will be your project manager’s responsibility to pick the most qualified translator not only in the target language (including dialects) but also in the sector of the translation. For example, whether it is business, technical, medical translation.
  5. Once the native translator has finished, your content will be returned to the project manager who will ensure that it has met the brief of the project.
  6. The document is then sent to a second translator who will proofread the document. Similar to the first translator, the proofreading translator will also be a native in the target language has to have experience in the sector that the translation falls in.
  7. Upon receiving the approved document, the Project manager will then run quality assurance checks. For example, they will check that the document meets the formatting guidelines requested by the client.
  8. Once your PM is satisfied, they will deliver the project back to you before or on the agreed delivery date. You will have received certified translation, translated by the best translators in the industry, on time.
  9. In the unlikely event that you need something changing, you can request unlimited revisions from your PM within 14 days of the delivery date. There are no exceptions; Translation Services UK company offers 14 days free revisions for all types of document interpreting services and transcriptions.

Our Promise

Customer satisfaction means everything to our business. We get many new clients via recommendations from existing clients. That is because we go beyond our client’s expectations. We not only deliver accurate, reliable, and affordable certified translators, on time and every time. We also assign a project manager for each translation project to ensure each client gets the personal touch. This allows our team to fully understand the scope of the project and the client’s expectations to be able to meet them.

The project manager will be assigned. Your dedicated PM who will be responsible for identifying and selecting the relevant translator whether that’s a translator from the UK or one of our online network. It will also be their responsibility to ensure that the highest quality is met at each stage during the process. , They will always be available to answer any questions you have. It is this attention to customer support that keeps our clients coming back to us. We offer a wide range of multilingual services, including translation interpretation and back translation, catering to the needs of both translation consumers and businesses. Their experienced team ensures that the services provided, including the option for translation back, meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy.


As one of the UK’s best translation agencies, we understand the importance of maintaining data security. We are always in the process of translating sensitive documents, including medical or legal documentation as well is documents that include personal information. This means we have to be very conscious of data protection and in safeguarding all customer data in line with current GDP requirements. Apart from the legal requirements, we also sign NDAs at the request of any of our clients to ensure confidentiality is always met.

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