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Subtitle Translation Of Audio And Video File

Not having the subtitles in the right language can be a frustrating experience for your viewers. Plus, it can also limit your reach because viewers will not watch a video they don’t understand.

However, translating the video content subtitles yourself can take an extremely long time.

That is why we have worked to bring you a subtitle translation solution that is affordable, efficient, and completely hands-off.

Get Video Content Subtitles Translated With Ease

Our subtitle translation services allow you to focus on what you’re best. We take the weight off your shoulders and deliver highly accurate (99%+ accuracy) files. Take a look at our subtitle translation process below.

Request a quote – It all starts with a free, no-obligation quote from us. All you need to do is request it, and tell us a little about your project. Then within just 1 hour, we respond to you with everything you need to know.

We get to work – After you give us the green light, our subtitles translator will get to work. You can sit back and rest assured that you will receive a highly accurate translation thanks to our guarantee of 99%+ accuracy. Plus, all our translators only translate into their native language.

Receive and Publish your files – After we deliver within the agreed time-frame, you receive the subtitles and they’re ready to get published. That being said, if you need us to make any revisions, they are completely free within the first 14 days.

Why Translate Subtitles?

Translating subtitles is the best way to reach people who don’t share the same first language as you. And if you don’t hire someone else to do it, you’ll be sitting there for hours trying to translate your video content into every language you need.

Any type of video translation, in general, takes a little longer than regular translations as you have to pause the video and manage the audio while you translate which can be quite hard.

Or, you can hire us, an international translation agency that has several skilled translators to translate your file efficiently.

With unbeatable accuracy, fast turnarounds, and incredible customer service, we’re here to help you with all of your subtitle translation needs.

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What Makes Our Subtitle Translation Services The Best Choice?

Quick Turnaround

Our subtitle company guarantee that you can have your files back within a few hours converted in multiple languages

Fast Response

Our subtitle company knows that time is of the essence to you. A Project Manager will provide you a quote in an hour for the technical document you need.

Native Translators

Our subtitling linguists who are indeed experts in their industry will provide you precise technical contents of the highest level efficiently.


As an ISO compliant subtitling company, you can rest assured our solutions are of the very highest quality.

Subtitle Translations In Over 150 Languages

Another thing that separates our subtitling services apart from other subtitle translation agencies is that we have subtitle translators in over 150 languages. Yes, 150!

So, no matter what languages you need, we can almost certainly help.

Additionally, our subtitle translators only translate into their native language which ensures your translated subtitles will be accurate.

Subtitle Translation Service

Video Format Subtitle Translations

We can translate subtitles of any video files. Whether it’s WMV, AVI, or MP4, our subtitle translators are here to help.

All you need to do is send us the file type of your choice, and we’ll get straight to work.

YouTube Video Subtitle Translations

If you have a YouTube video with subtitles, we can also translate them. Again, all you need to do is send us over the YouTube video, and we can get to work from there.

150+ Languages For Your Subtitles

With over 150+ languages available, you can make your videos understandable for your target audience all over the world.

And as our translators only translate into their native language, you will receive an extremely high-quality captioning translation.

The way we do this is by assigning a project manager to you from the moment you get in touch.

Custom Subtitling Tailored To Your Needs

We know how annoying it can be to receive generic offers when your needs are custom. That’s why our translation services are always tailored to your custom needs.

You tell us about your project, and we let you know the details.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

Estimate your translation project cost


Why Choose Our Subtitle Translation Service?

We are a subtitle translation agency that is ISO certified, so you can be sure that your subtitles will be translated with the highest accuracy.

Plus, Translation Services UK is a company that is run by translators. This means, we don’t just hire any translators, but instead look for talent which we are also very good at recognizing.

And as mentioned earlier, our translators only translate into their native language which ensures high-quality translations.

I’m In A Rush – How Fast Can You Deliver?

We have translators working around the clock which allows us to deliver in 48, 24, or even 12 hours. Plus, unlike a lot of other translation companies, we actually get back to you within 1 hour of you requesting the quote.

Who Will Translate My Subtitles?

Only a linguist with at least 5 years of experience who translates the subtitle into their native language will translate your documents.

This is what sets us apart from other translation agencies as it ultimately leads to the highest accuracy and quality.

Subtitle Translator – What Can You Expect From Us?

From us, you can expect a combination of speed, quality, and service.

  • Prompt deliveries
  • Highly accurate translation (99%+)
  • Fast Responses
  • Service (For example, unlimited revisions in the first 14 days)

We also encourage you to contact us first, as we don’t mind answering any questions you may have.

What Is The Difference Between Human Vs Automated Software Subtitling?

The main difference between human translations and automated software is accuracy. AI technology has not yet developed to a point where it can understand us correctly.

It may understand some of the words correctly, but not all. This leads to time-consuming confusion and you’ll have to edit the file for hours.

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