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Dutch To English Translation Services

Translation Services UK; your number one choice for both professional and certified translations.

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Make the right choice with Translation Services UK; your professional Dutch translation agency offering fast, accurate, and affordable Dutch translations.

Do you need expert support from experienced linguists in your Dutch document translation? No matter the subject area, whether it be legal documents, marriage certificates or marketing materials, or even software translations, birth certificates and medical reports, our expertise in the translation industry is endless! 

With our ever-growing network of over 2000 qualified expert translators, we guarantee accurate translations with all your Dutch translation needs, no matter the industry.


More Than Just English Translations

As an agency, we don’t just offer Dutch to English translation. We have extensive professional experience in over 150 foreign languages, allowing us to deliver your business with high-quality Dutch translation in other languages besides just English!

Dutch Language Translations

Did you know that Dutch is spoken by more than 23 million people around the world?

And that similarly to German, it loves its long compound words? All you have to do is take a look at its longest word to get a taste of what it has to offer when it comes to compound structures; “Kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerkzaamhedenplan.”

Dutch is also the official language of the Netherlands (Holland), yet it has a heavy presence in areas of Belgium, the Caribbean, and also Suriname (the smallest independent country in South America). With that being said, when translating Dutch, you must make a note of which form of localized Dutch you need.

As already hinted upon, whilst Dutch is used in different countries, there are some key differences between the Dutch spoken within each. For example, Dutch is very similar to Flemish, one of the official languages in Belgium. As such, a Belgium Dutch translator may produce a document translated into a form of Dutch that sounds slightly funny for any native Dutch speakers than say if a native Dutch translator from Holland tackled the same translation piece (and vice versa).

Subsequently, when it comes to translating Dutch, our translation service ensures that when we offer any certified translation, we communicate openly and coherently with you to ensure that we provide you with the correct form of localized Dutch.

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Why Choose Our Dutch Translations For Your Dutch Translation Needs?

Whilst Dutch is not necessarily the most popular global language, its use within key industries such as food production and energy and chemical supply (as well as within the EU) makes it an invaluable asset to a whole host of different companies.

For this reason, we have one of the most dedicated, qualified and experienced teams of professional translators, based in London, working side-by-side with our extensive international network of native translators, all of whom have extensive knowledge across a vast scope of differing industries. 

All of our translators have more than five years of experience in translating for specific sectors and industries. As native linguists experienced in a specific industry, they also understand the technical terminology and jargon. This means they can translate specialised texts both accurately and fluently.

So no matter how important those business documents may be, or how crucial that web translation is, we will always provide you with the best professional support that the translation industry has to offer.

We also pride ourselves in having processes in place to ensure that we can deliver translations consistently and professionally. Our ISO-certified quality control process allows us to deliver accurate translations for each of our clients on every single one of their projects.

Our Native Dutch Translators

In our ever globalising society, the importance of language as the key to unlocking your business’ true potential is more accurate now than ever before. With the ease of electronic communications, fluid inter-connectivity, and the rise of human curiosity, language is no longer just a tool to overcome communication barriers, but rather an opportunity to harness invaluable knowledge for your business within an international world.

At Translation Services UK, we understand the importance that the value of communication can bring to your business. Thus, as an experienced translation service, we ensure that the right translator is assigned to your company and its needs to deliver professional Dutch from professional linguists. Our network of native speakers guarantees that only the best Dutch translators are selected for your project.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

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How We Achieve Accurate Dutch Translation

Our certified translation services have an ISO-certified Dutch translation control process which requires us to have each document worked on by two native translators.

This is the process that we follow: 

You will get your own project manager who is experienced in translating documents to and/or from Dutch who will look to kick-off the project by getting a full brief from the client. 

Next, they will select the right Dutch translator from Translation Services UK’s network of over 2000 translators. 

The translator will always be a native speaker and must have experience in the sector that the document or video/audio file is being translated into. That way, the translator will be experienced with the terminology being used. 

Once the translator has completed their task, the second translator (who is also a native speaker), will proofread the text, ensuring that it is accurate and reads fluently. Only once they have confirmed the accuracy of the translation will it then be returned to the project manager who will confirm that it is correctly formatted and meets any technical requirements that the client has. The translated document is then presented to the client who has 14 days to ask for an unlimited amount of changes.  

Our translation services guarantee that two qualified translators work on every project. This allows us to guarantee the quality of all translations as well as provide certified translation for your business.

It’s no wonder why Translation Services UK is globally trusted by clients from all over the world. 

To find out how we can help you, or to get a free quote, contact us today.

Or visit our website for more information on what our translation services have to offer: Professional Translation Services London | Translation Services UK

What Can We Offer You?

Regardless of the industry that you require the text to be translated into, we have an experienced Dutch translator on hand to deliver translation services of the highest standard. Depending on the scope of the project, we are often able to deliver the same day service, sometimes in a matter of hours.

Right now our Dutch translation services include:

  • Dutch Financial Translation Services
  • Dutch Legal Documents Services
  • Dutch Transcription Services
  • Dutch Audio Translation Services

And all of our translation services offer certified translation!

Your business is in safe hands with Translation Services UK.

Why Our Dutch To English Translation Service

We are the leading Dutch translation agency for both Dutch translation services and interpretation services. As one of the most established brands on the global market, we offer our clients reliable, affordable, and high-quality translations and can adhere to tight deadlines with our urgent translations service. Plus, with our extensive network of native speakers, we offer more than just English translation.

For a free quote within the hour, be sure to send us through your project request and we’ll provide you with a free consultation on how we can deliver quality translation to your company’s translation projects.

For more information about all of our English translation services and more, be sure to visit our website: Professional Translation Services London | Translation Services UK

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