Best Museums to a Visit in London

London is a great city with a wide collection of things to keep you busy, either for a short or long visit. Depending on the type of adventure you like, or things you love, the things to will vary. However, if you are a museum lover, here are some of the options to consider. Click here for facts about London.

Tate Modern

This is a riverside icon devoted to contemporary and modern art. Situated where the bankside power station was located, the museum houses the artwork of Hockney, Deli, and Warhol. It also features an attention-catching installation. Click here to read about Best Restaurants in London.

National Maritime Museum 

Looking for a limerick to everything nautical and a treasure trove of beautiful artifacts, art, memorabilia, and maps? Then visit the national maritime museum. This museum is a branch of royal museums that houses the Queen’s house gallery, the Royal Observatory, and Cutty Sark Clipper. 

National Gallery 

National Gallery is free to enter and a first-class artistic institution found in Trafalgar. The museum houses over 2000 works of artists like van Gogh, da Vinci, Turner, Michelangelo, and Picasso.  

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