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Business Transcription Services: Why Outsource Your Transcription?

Want a business transcription service that delivers quality, creates custom transcripts that match your company style and voice, and at affordable prices?

You’re in excellent hands with us at Translations Services UK. We handle it all: from business conferences, conference calls, conventions, interviews to board meetings and briefs. Name your transcription need, and our over 500 certified transcribers will be on hand to help – and fast.

Do you want us to translate your business transcripts too?

At TSUK, we can help with that too. Our team consists of qualified translators that span 150 languages. In addition, we have over 2000 linguists that understand corporate language and how best to capture your audience and make more sales.

What Is Business Transcription?

The chances are that you are wondering how business transcription is any different from general transcription.

Well, we are here to tell you that business transcription is different from general transcription. Think about it like this:

Business transcription is streamlined for businesses like yours. This specification ensures that the service captures your essence to the barest minimum. In other words, a streamlined transcription service for businesses goes deep into understanding your company goals & objectives and customer profile.

That way, you can rest assured you are getting not just a transcript but a complete reflection of your values as a group and brand.

Unlike business transcriptions, general transcriptions do not capture details that are crucial to leaving a lasting impression on your customers and prospective investors. With the latter, all you will get is a transcript.

So think again about what you need for your business’ growth and vision. Is it a service that is not specific to what your corporation offers?

We doubt it!

You need a business transcription where every audio file gets transcribed into written texts that: have your corporate tone, are friendly, have the end goals of converting more leads into profits. That is what business transcription entails and why you should go for it to boost your chances to compete within your industry.

At the same time, you shouldn’t settle for just any kind of business transcription service or transcriptionist. You need experience and quality!

Moreover, this is the business that you have invested a lot of time and money in. You can’t afford to throw it all away. That’s why you need Translation Services UK!

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Why Should You Choose TSUK?

Your Details Are Safe

In the business world, confidentiality is a top priority. Else, how can you trust that your blockbuster business ideas won’t end up in the hands of your competitors? Can you risk the chance of having to go through all those conference calls and brainstorming sessions again?

Even when you organise other business details, what are the chances of producing a million pound idea twice?

In essence, you need a transcription service provider that not only understands business transcripts but also the importance of confidentiality in the industry. That’s where we come in!

At TSUK, we value our customers and protect their data and privacy. To that effect, our transcribers won’t receive your audio files until they have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

NDA aside, we only delegate delicate and top priority business details to our trusted, most experienced, long-serving transcriptionists. So, rest assured that your information is safe with us.

You Save Time And Money

We understand that businesses hire in-house aids that handle details such as documentation and transcription. While that is a good initiative, you could have saved the money and outsourced the entire process of transcribing your business operations.

When you outsource, you can have your team focus on the things that truly matter: marketing, signing more clients, and expanding the scope of your company. Also, you will invest the money you would have spent in hiring the staff.

Furthermore, engaging TSUK means you will save time waiting on a single in-house employee when you can have over 500 transcriptionists & translators and 2000 linguists at your service.

Overall, Translation Services UK will help you get more from your time and resources and still provide quality business transcripts within your desired turnaround time.

Flexible Formats & Styles

Indeed, we have a unique style for transcribing business audio and video recordings. Nevertheless, we can adapt it to meet your requirements and business transcription needs.

Depending on your audience, you might seek a verbatim, intelligent verbatim, or edited transcription. Regardless of the style or method you choose, our experts can handle it all – and to the highest standard.

Regarding the document type of our deliverables, be it verbatim clean or transcripts that include speaker identification and time stamps: we can deliver all.

Furthermore, we have linguists that can tweak the tone of your transcripts. We can even do more than tweaking; we can re-word your entire transcript into another language – and we can do that for at least 150 languages.

Lastly, we can accept your audio and video in any format and work with it depending on the background noise or quality. You can rest assured that we will provide the transcripts in your preferred format and with impeccable accuracy.

Customer Service

Above our quality offerings and affordable pricing models, our most esteemed value is ensuring that you are satisfied when you hire us for your business transcription services.

Unlike other business transcription providers, we make you the centre of attraction at TSUK. When you approach us, we base our comprehensive service around what you want and offer our seasoned advice to finetune it.

In the end, seeing you happy with quality transcripts make us satisfied. So, rest assured that you will get more than value with us at Translation Services UK. You will have a provider that respects you and your company.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

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What Type Of Business Transcription Services Does Our Company Offer?

At TSUK, we offer all ranges of transcription services for businesses both in the UK and abroad. It doesn’t matter your industry, niche, turnaround time, or style; we can meet your needs and deliver quality transcripts.

That said, here are a few of the business transcription services that we handle:

● Business meetings

● Conference call

● Convention

● Corporate meetings and minutes

● Earnings calls

● Focus groups

● Interview

● Market research and analysis

● Planning and product launch

● Seminars and workshops

● Stakeholder presentation

● Statements

● Webcasts and webinars

How Do We Go About Our Business Transcription Services?

At Translation Services UK, we follow a sequential step to ensure you receive the quality you wanted. Here is the breakdown:

1. You send your audio or video recording.

2. We assign a representative to you, and they will ask a few questions about your business.

3. Our transcriptionist receives your audio and video file, and they start transcribing.

4. They submit to editors and linguists to further verify the accuracy of the text.

5. You receive your transcribed file, and you cross-check to see if you like it.

So are you ready to ditch the stress and money-consuming approach to business transcriptions?

As a business transcription provider that only works with professionals, you can rest assured that your business transcript will be of the highest quality, whether it be an audio recording or a video transcription.

Reach out today, and let’s discuss your specific needs!

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