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High Quality And Affordable Certified Legal Translation Services

Translation Services UK pride themselves on being one of the most respected legal translation agencies in London and the UK. All our legal translators Are required to have a minimum sector. Of five years experience in the legal translation.

This ensures that we are able to guarantee accurate legal translation services to law firms and individuals in over a hundred and 50 languages globally. Additionally, we have expert linguists love professional experience translating in specific sectors of the law. This ensures that they understand and can use the technical terminology accurately when translating into their native language. Not only is a team able to deal with legal matters in a variety of areas of law, but they can also deal with legal matters in various industries from finance to business and marketing and even medicine.

Our certified legal translation services use translators who have the right blend of experience and skills, together with ISO certified translation processes that ensure each certified translation meets the same rigorous quality control check every time.

For more information about our legal translation services, ask for a free no-obligation quote or give our customer support team a call now.

What’s Included

Patents translation services

With business becoming increasingly global, it has become more important than ever to be able to protect your intellectual property internationally. With our patent translation service, we will work with you to guarantee the uniqueness of your idea is translated accurately so in 150 languages across the globe.

Contract translation services

Commerce is becoming increasingly global, so there is a need for companies large and small to be able to have contracts translated into a variety of languages. Our team of experts are on hand and able to ensure that the terms and obligations are accurate regardless of the language translated into.

Legal document translation

Our expert legal document translators are on hand to be able to accurately translate legal documents into over a hundred and 50 languages. With over five years of experience translating legal documents, our team of translators can be trusted to translate legal document accurately and keep all data confidential.

Sworn translation services

We are able to deliver certified legal translation is for clients that require attestation, but the translated document has been completed by a qualified professional. If you have official legal documents such as those requested by governing bodies or lawcourts, then there is a likelihood that your meat our sworn translation service.

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Why Choose Translation Services UK?

As one of the UK’s most recommended legal translation agencies, we have extensive experience translating legal documents into over 140 languages globally, including regional dialects. When it comes to the translation of legal documents or the translation of contracts, we have been leading the industry for a decade. We can verify the accuracy of our legal translations with our certified translation services.

All our legal translators have a minimum of five years of experience translating legal documents. Many of our translators are specifically qualified to translate in areas of law. This means they have extensive experience in translating those type of documents into your target language. They understand the terminology, the formatting, and the fall requirements of the governing body or court to ensure that the legal document is not only translated accurately that meets all requirements.

All our certified translation projects go through the same thorough quality control process. The process we have incorporated allows us to deliver ISO certified professional translation services, including legal translations. The first step is to assign the project to the most qualified and experienced project manager. They will ensure that they have the full brief from the client and that they understand all of their client’s requirements.

They will then select the most qualified and experienced translator to deliver the initial translation. The translator, who will have a minimum of five years experience, will translate the document fully. There will be responsible for editing and proofing their own work before returning the translated document to the project manager. The PM will ensure that the document is correctly formatted before passing the translated document to a second native translator for proofreading.

The second translator will also be a native of the target language and have the necessary experience in t legal translations. It will be their role to proofread the translated document to ensure it reads accurately and fluently in the target language. Once they have confirmed the document’s accuracy, the project manager will return the completed translation to the client who will have 14 days to review the translated document and asked for any necessary changes.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

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When Would I Need A Translation Service?

For various reasons in our personal life and business lives, we require a piece of text (for example, in this case, legal translations) to be translated into another language without losing or changing the meaning of the text. To be able to do this accurately, the translator needs to be a native of the target language and to have expert knowledge of the content in the text that will be translated. In some cases, you legally require a certified translation (if you do, then visit our certified translation services).

With legal translations, often the text is sophisticated and nuanced. A slight change in meaning can significantly alter the legal obligations of the parties involved; therefore, it is essential that the legal translation is accurate. It is not possible to deliver such accuracy using legal translation software. Although with the introduction of aAI technologies translating using software has become increasingly accurate it can never replace the necessity of manual translation because language often has multiple meanings for the same word and text requires an understanding of subtle variations.

Why Do You Use Native Translators?

As part of all our translation services, our linguists are only ever required to translate into their native tongue. This ensures that all text translated is natural and accurate. It also avoids any misunderstandings that are sometimes generated when texts are translated by non-natives.

This is especially important when talking about translating legal text. We require our translators to not only be a native of the target language (when relevant that includes being a native of a regional dialect) but also to have extensive experience and expertise in the sector the language is being translated in. For example, with legal translations, we require all translators to have a legal or law background.

When we recruit and then select a translator for a specific project, we require all translators to have a minimum of five years of experience translating the relevant types of legal text. We also have the same requirements as our proofreaders. They are required to be a native of the target language and to have a similar legal background to ensure the accuracy of the translated document.

Fast Turnaround

Re when requested we can provide express translation services. All our clients receive a competitive and transparent quote within one hour of request. The quote includes a per word translation price and information about the timeline available. We are often able to deliver text within 24 hours, sometimes within a few hours. For more information about our express translation services, and for a free quote, call our customer support team who will be able to advise you.

Do You Maintain The Original Formatting With Legal Translations?

We fully understand that the translated documents are required to be delivered in specific formatting. We have extensive experience in translating a variety of legal documents, and the translator themselves are required to have extensive experience in that legal field. This usually means we can deliver legal documents in the correct format. This includes but is not limited to commercial litigation, anti-trust translation, or trademark translations. Certified translation services are also available. Call us for a free quote.

If the legal document doesn’t have standard formatting, we are able to translate the document and maintain the original layout. This often means that the format, as well as the content, remains polished and professional after the translation. With legal and financial translation, often clients require certified translations, especially law firms.

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