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High-Quality Translations By The UK’s Premier Certified Medical Translators

At Translation Services UK, , we fully understand that the exchange of ideas across international borders is central to the development and advancement of medicine across the world. This is why we are proud to offer medical translation services in over 150 global languages.

Every week we help individuals who need medical translations of documentation before moving abroad. We also deal with NHS practices requiring medical language services as part of their expansion programmes. We work with companies that require their user guides, patient information and documents translated into multiple languages for medicine and medical devices.

Certified translations

We deliver certified translation services in multiple languages. We have a team of certified medical translators for clients who require attestation that the medical translation of a document has been translated accurately. Meaning you can be confident your medical translation is of the highest standard.

Clinical research translations

With clinical research and medical development taking place across the globe, clinical trial professional translation services have become an essential service for many medical institutions. Thanks to our industry-leading medical translators were able to deliver effective research translation that maintains its accuracy because of our ability to translate into multiple languages.

Pharmaceutical translations

The pharmaceutical industry requires pharmaceutical translations for a variety of reasons. Pharmaceutical companies require documentation regarding medical research to be translated into various languages. Our medical translators can deliver a medical translation of the highest accuracy.

Medical records translations

We have many individual clients as well as the United KIngdom’s NHS who require medical records translators to be able to handle confidential medical documentation safely and accurately. We have some of the most experienced and highly qualified medical record translators available in over 150 languages.

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Why Choose Translation Services UK?

At Translation Services UK, we offer some of the UK’s most qualified and experienced medical translators. We require all our professional mother-tongue linguists to have a minimum of five years experience in the field of medicine and life sciences. Our translators have a range of expertise and are specialised in different areas, everything from clinical research, medical translation to medical devices translation.

Our project managers ensure the most qualified and experienced translator is selected for the assignment. Every medical translation will be conducted by a native speaker of the target language. We are able to translate medical documents into over 150 languages and dialects from around the world.

Industry knowledge and insight is only part of our translators’ toolbox. They are required to have experience in the area of medical translation, so they have full use of the proper terminology in the target language. They need to have experience of the documents used in the medical field required and in their native language too.

Our certified medical translation services go through multiple phases to ensure we deliver medical text translated to the highest accuracy. Call us now for a free quote!


It Starts With The Project Manager Assigned To The Translation Project

The first task for the project manager is to liaise with the client to ensure they have all the information needed to instruct the correct translator for the job. Once they have the right information, the next function is to select the most experienced and qualified medical translator from our network of over 2000 translators. It is their job to ensure the expert medical translator has a minimum of five years experience translating medical documents and specialises in the medical field that the translation in question falls into.

The expert medical translator will be a native of the target language. This means that not only will they have a firm understanding of the technical terminology, but they will ensure that it reads naturally in the target language. Once they have edited and proofed their own translation, it will be passed to the project manager who will check to see that the document is in the right format and meets other requirements. Then the document is passed to a second translator also a specialist in medicine, and a native of the target language, who will then proof the document fully.

The Project manager will then give the translated document one final check before sending it to the client for review. The client has 14 days to ask for any changes. The use of two qualified translators ensures that our translation services are as good as any in the industry.


What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

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How Do You Retain The Correct Formatting When Translating Medical Documents?

At Translation Services UK, technology is a central component of our medical translation services. We appreciate the importance of the accuracy of medical translations. For this reason, when translating the text of medical files and documents, our DTP services are expert at handling the layout and formatting of medical translations, whilst working with different formats in different languages.

Additionally, our professional medical translators have extensive experience translating medical documents in the target language you are seeking the document to be translated into. This also means that they have experience in the formatting of various documents in compliance with the requirements of different countries and institutions. For example, a Bulgarian translator is aware of the formatting required to translate medical record documents into Bulgarian, just as a Spanish translator knows the requirements of translating clinical research documents for publication in Spanish-speaking medical journals.

As one of the fastest-growing translation agencies in the UK, we understand the diverse needs of the healthcare and medical industries. We are aware of the sensitivity and accuracy required when translating medical documents into different languages.

How Do You Guarantee The Quality Of The Translator?

At Translation Services UK, we adhere to the strictest quality control assurances so that each translation we deliver meet only the highest standards.

Part of that process includes the recruitment of translators. For example, for all our medical translation, all our translators go through a rigorous selection process. To be considered, they need a minimum of five years of experience in providing medical translations for the medical industry. They are required to have experience in sectors of medicine that allow them to understand specialised terminology and be up-to-date with the medical translation standards.

There is always the potential for human error. However, our ISO accredited medical language service always requires a second translator with the same level of experience as the original translator, to proofread the document independently to verify the accuracy of the translation.

Do You Offer Medical Transcription Services?

Complimentary to the medical translation services, we also offer accredited medical transcription services for healthcare and medicine.

If you are looking for only the highest quality medical transcription services, then you need to speak to our customer support team who will be only too happy to provide you with a free quote. Quotes are fully transparent and are delivered within one hour.

If your requirement is urgent, then Translation Services UK has over 2000 native translators available, and we are able to deal with urgent medical transcription requests in multiple languages simultaneously.

To find out more about our medical transcription services or our medical translation services speak to one of our customer support team today. They will be able to walk you through the various options and to be able to provide you with a no-obligation free quote within one hour. You will be able to make a quick decision, and if necessary, we have translators on hand able to offer urgent medical translation services, returning projects completed within a matter of hours. For more information on all our professional translation services contact one of our customer support team now.

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