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Get Your Document Translated In Any Format And Into 150 Languages

Translation Services UK offers the highest quality document certified translation services at prices you can afford. With a network of over 2000 professional document translators, we are able to translate documents into over 150 languages.

We are able to guarantee word-perfect translations due to our ISO-certified translation processes. All documents are translated by native-speaking linguists and proofread by a second native speaking linguist to ensure the document is translated perfectly and reads naturally in the target language. We currently offer document translations in a wide spectrum of business sector formats and file types that allow us to be able to deliver most translation projects. If your projects have a business, engineering, or academic documents, we have the document translation service to meet your needs.

Which File Formats Can You Translate?

We work in a wide variety of file formats from Google Docs to PDF. Translating documents into over 150 different languages around the world. With all certified translations, our linguists have the technical know-how to ensure translations retain formatting across all file formats.

Word Document Certified Translation

We are able to work with most text files or Word documents including any versions of Microsoft Word. We are able to reproduce page features including tables, graphs and images, and we can equally manage other text formats like Google Docs etc.

PDF Documents Translation

PDF documents are not a problem for our document translation services. Our team can translate PDF documents, including images and tables. Delivering high-quality certified translations for PDF documents and other formats.

Letter And Email Certified Translations

If you have a letter or email that needs translating, we can help. We translate letters in all formats from.txt files to handwritten and can translate any form of text, including emails and other types of formal or informal correspondence.

PowerPoint Translations

We can translate PowerPoint presentations into 150 languages whilst maintaining all formatting and animations contained in the original PowerPoint presentation. We also work with the most popular PowerPoint platforms.

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Most Popular Document Translations

certified document translation service is the perfect choice for those clients that require official document translation, whether that is for work or for individuals.

Legal Documents

With our hand-picked team of experienced and certified legal translators, we are able to deliver law translations into hundreds of languages.

Business Documents

If you’re working internationally, there is a good chance you will require some of your documents to be translated into a target language. Our business document translation services are ideal for this situation. We are experienced in translating official business documentation, internal reports and marketing materials for our international client base.

Medical Documents

Our medical document translation services are one of our most popular thanks to the quality and experience of our medicine translators.

Why Choose Translation Services UK?

Translation Services UK are one of the most recommended certified translation services in the UK thanks to the quality of their translation and the high-level of customer support.

As an ISO certified professional translation agency, we follow strict quality assurance processes that give our clients peace of mind knowing they are receiving only the highest quality translations. Each document translation is completed by a native linguist of the target language. They are then required to proofread their translation before passing it to your personally assigned project manager, who will ensure it meets the criteria of the project description. It is then passed to a second native linguist who will independently proofread and verify the accuracy of the original translation. Having such safeguards in place gives our customers the ultimate peace of mind.

For each project, each client is assigned their own personal project manager who will liaise with the then to ensure that the certified translation is delivered expressly to their requirements. They will be available to answer questions and to communicate directly with the assigned translators.

It is our focus on customer support, together with the highest standard translations that have made us one of the most recommended translation agencies in the UK. Many of our clients come from recommendations and referrals from existing clients. We work with all types of documents, call now for a free quote.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

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What Can You Expect From Translation Services UK?

As a London-based certified translation agency, we are able to guarantee the highest quality certified translation services from our headquarters in one of the most multi-international cities in Europe. We love working in the UK’s capital, delivering certified translation services to its residents and businesses as well as to clients based all around the world. We never compromise on the quality of our service, each client is delivered the same high-quality thanks to our ISO certified quality assurance processes. If you are looking for document translation services, then contact us either directly at our London based offices or online. Call us now for a free quote.

Having worked in the UK capital for over a decade, we have built an extensive client base of professional, creative and political clients. Working with such an extensive array of clients has allowed us to develop our services to have the expertise and experience at translating in a variety of fields.

From medicine to international business, our hand-picked network of over 2000 translators specialising in a wide range of business and society sectors gives us the resources to be able to effectively translate business documents into over 150 languages including regional and local dialects.

With a technical team experienced at working in a variety of formats, we are able to accommodate the technical requirements of most projects.

In today’s current climate, there are a variety of Internet translation tools that make it appear, translating into a language can be quick and easy. However, there clearly isn’t a translation tool that can accurately translate texts into natural language so that the reader is unaware that the document has been translated. This requires a human translation service where a translator is a native of the target language and able to accurately and naturally translate a document.

Many of our clients require express translation services. This is an area of certified translations we specialise in. We are able to offer a full, personalised quote within 60 minutes. We are able to immediately tell you if we are able to offer the required translation within a few hours a day or a few days. Importantly, regardless of how quickly we can turn around the translation, the quality of the translation never suffers. Even for express translation services that are completed within the few hours, the quality of the translation is as high as if the certified translation took several days.

How Do You Ensure The Translation Is Accurate?

All our professional document translation services follow the same process. You are first assigned your personal project manager who will discuss your requirements with you to ensure they fully understand what is required in terms of translation and formatting.

Our translators not only translate into over 150 languages from around the world but also that include regional and local dialects. Once the PM has a clear understanding of your requirements, they will be responsible for selecting the most qualified translator to deliver the translation.

If the document translated requires medical; legal, business or other expertise, it is the PM’s responsibility to ensure the translator has the correct background. With every translation, the translator will be a native of the target language. If it is a dialect, we will also ensure that the translator is a native user of that dialect. Once the certified translation has been completed, including being proofed by the translator, it is then passed back to the project manager who ensures that the brief has been fully met. It is then passed to a second and native linguist who will be responsible for independently ensuring that the translation is accurate. Only then will we return it back to the client via the project manager who also insures that full formatting is maintained.

Using two native translators allows us to fully control the quality of the certified translation. This means it reads naturally and accurately in the target language even if it is technical or translated for a specific sector of business.

How To Maintain Data Privacy?

In the current climate, maintaining our client’s privacy and protecting data is a major concern. At Translation Services UK, we are dealing with other people’s data on a daily basis, as well as handling valuable and sensitive information. We are fully GDPR compliant and have systems in place to ensure all data is protected and only made available to personnel working on specific translation projects.

Wherever necessary and in order to give our clients peace of mind, we are more than happy to sign NDA’s or nondisclosure agreements to protect the data of the client.

This means we guarantee that we will protect our client’s data. It also means, should we disclose any information with third parties having signed an NDA we would be legally liable for damages.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

There are two guarantees we offer our clients. The first is that we will use our ISO certified quality control process to ensure that each certified translation is accurate and reads naturally in the target language. This includes having native linguists working on the certified translation independently of each other.

We also offer 14 days unlimited revisions of the translated document once it is handed back to the client as completed. In the very rare situation where something isn’t perfect, such as formating it will be handled quickly and corrected free of charge.

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