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Technical Text Translation Services: Expert Native Linguists

Translation Services UK agency offers a fall technical translation agency service. Our certified technical translation services deliver high-quality, accurate technical text translations by native-speaking translators. All services are certified and guaranteed to be error-free. We have extensive experience working in the scientific technology and engineering sectors and can help translate technical documents into over 150 languages and dialects from around the world.

ISO certified, our experienced team of technical translators will have the expertise and experience in the sector relating to the technical text as well as being a native of the target language. They will not only have an understanding of the technical terminology used in the document; they will also be able to ensure it sounds natural in the target language. So whether it is scientific research, mechanical engineering technical documents for manufacturing companies who are launching new products or new business start-up, Translation Services UK has you covered.

Highly Experienced Technical Translators

Not only can we deliver the highest quality technical translations but for engineering and technical translation services in the United Kingdom, we are able to offer express services. We fully appreciate that some of our clients need technical documents translated urgently, and we have the resources and expertise to be able to do just that. We deal with clients on a daily basis who need technical user guides, operating instructions, user manuals, datasheets, CAD drawings and other technical documentation translated within 24 hours. This is something we are able to offer our clients – for more information give us a call.

We offer a variety of express services from within 6 hours to 48 hours for delivery, the speed on delivery will depend on the language and the technical text that requires translation. Every order starts with a full translation project description and a free quote which will be presented to you within one hour. You get to see the price and breakdown of the quote with full transparency almost immediately.

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Why Choose Our Technical Translation Agency?

When providing a translation of a technical document, we only ever use the very best translators. We require our translators to be native speakers of the target language the translation is required in. This means they are fluent in the language. We also require our technical translators to have extensive technical terminology and knowledge of the target sector to ensure they understand and are using the technical terminology accurately.

We currently provide technical translation services to a worldwide audience of clients in France, India, Brazil and a host of other countries around the world. Our clients come from a wide range of business sectors including; automotive industry, steel industry, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, culture sector and many more.

We are very proud of the reputation we have as technical text translators. Many of our clients recommend us to their partners. This is because of our attention to detail in every aspect of the service we provide in our translation work is of the highest standard.

Every project starts with a personal project manager assigned to the order. It will be the role of the PM to liaise with the client, making sure they have a full brief and understand the client needs. The PM will then identify the most experienced translator in our network of thousands of translators. They will then ensure the translator is fully briefed and will manage the translation. Each technical text, once translated, will be proofed by a second native linguist with expertise in the subject before being returned to the project manager. The project manager will then ensure the document is properly formatted before is returning it to the client and awaiting client feedback.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

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How Do You Guarantee Translation Quality?

We are able to offer ISO certified technical translation service backed by extensive quality control processes we have in place that are implemented for every translation our translation team delivers. We only ever recruit the most qualified and experienced technical translators to ensure they have the relevant background and skills to be able to effectively translate technical text, everything from equipment manuals, user guides to professional technical documents.

To date, we have over 2000 linguists translating technical documents into 150 languages and dialects from around the world.

Once an order for the technical translation is received, it will be the role of the project manager assigned to the project to identify the right skills and industry experience needed to be able to effectively and with accuracy translate the document text.

Once the right translator with the correct industry background has been set to work on the translation of the document, they will go through a process of translation that includes editing and proofreading their own work.

The project manager will be responsible for ensuring the translator has met some of the logistical and administrative criteria for the project before handing it to a second translator who will proofread the entire translated text.

The second translator is also required to be a native of the target language, including any relevant dialect. They will also have the technical background to be able to fully understand the technical terminology used in the translated text.

It is then returned to the project manager who will ensure it is correctly formatted. Once satisfied it meets requirements it will be sent to the client to review. It is this double verification process, where we have two native translators work on the document, that ensures the document has been translated accurately. Additionally, we offer technical translation services using Tools. This is especially useful if you have a specific translation memory to use as part of a machine translation.

As you can see with Translation Services UK, no stone is left unturned. By having 2 translators work on every document, we ensure accuracy. However, a bonus of our translation service is that in the unlikely event that something is incorrect, each order has unlimited edit requests for up to 14 days after the translation has been delivered. Get in touch today!

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