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Medical Transcription

As a doctor, surgeon, nurse, or healthcare provider, you’re already busy as it is. The workload is strenuous enough as you have to coordinate medical facilities and tend to your patients. Where is the time for medical transcription services?

And considering that this medical transcription could take hours, that is undoubtedly not a good use of your time. That is where we can help.

At Translation Services UK, we handle all kinds of medical transcription services in the UK.

Regardless of your area of medicine, we are one of the leading providers of medical transcription services in the country.

In particular, we frequently handle medical transcriptions of surgery notes and clinical summaries. More importantly, we have an ISO certification that illustrates the quality and authenticity of our medical transcription solutions. Rest assured that with TSUK, you are getting professional and experienced medical transcribers.

What Is A Medical Transcription Service? Is It Still In Demand?

In the medical sector, we are dealing with lives and with that responsibility, you need to ensure that every detail – including transcription – must be perfect. Mistakes can be fatal.

The uses of medical transcription services by medical professionals are endless. You may, as a healthcare professional, have faced health cases you’ve never experienced before, and need to make reports on the outcomes of such cases. When this happens, you might need to revisit recorded tapes that you either made yourself, or from experts in the

field. Or it could happen that you need to report the proceedings of a

surgical process to other medical colleagues or healthcare authorities.

A medical transcription service helps you to convert your audio recordings to written text in the most comprehensive manner.

Our medical transcriptionists understand medical terminology and ensure that your medical transcription will be transcribed in an accurate manner, while respecting the agreed turnaround times.

Making use of medical transcriber for your audio files is crucial for a health provider, as they need to be able to understand medical terms in order to avoid mistakes in the transcripts.

Also, medical terms can have a rather difficult spelling at times. That means only someone with specific knowledge can interpret the word and write it out correctly, which is why medical transcribers are in such high demand.

At Translation Services UK, we understand how crucial documentation can be to medical processes. That’s why we guarantee 100% accuracy and as a result, our transcription services are deemed to be one of the best in the UK. You can trust our medical transcription solutions to keep your credibility and reputation intact.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

Expert Native Transcriptionists

We only engage the best transcribers for our medical transcription services, that may be retired medical professionals or people that currently work in the healthcare field. We have a large team of expert native transcriptionists, each with knowledge of medical terminology. You can rest assured that you’re working with a medical transcription service provider that understands both the UK and global standards.

Despite our quality and native medical transcription services, we offer cost-effective rates. Regardless of your documents: be it patient chart transcription, comprehensive H&P (History and Physical) reports, efficient emergency room documentation, or even rehabilitation reports, we can help. Our native experts can even help you word your medical transcripts to your desired reporting style.


When handling medical files, we maintain 100% privacy. At Translation Services UK, we understand how sensitive patient information can be.

That is why we have trained our transcriptionists on privacy and confidentiality. Each member of our team has signed a non-disclosure agreement stating that they keep all transcript data confidential. That way, we can assure you your vital details are safe with us.

Experienced Specialists

Our team is what sets us leagues above other transcription service providers in the UK. We can boast of our selective onboarding process that ensures your transcriptions are completed by experts in the healthcare industry. Our linguists can transcribe files such as doctor-dictated reports, letters, and conference summaries; we can cater to all transcription needs regardless of the topic. Our streamlined approach will ultimately yield the best quality service that meets your needs.

Fast Turnaround Time

At TSUK, we understand that timing is just as important as quality in the medical sector. That is why we always ensure that your documents and transcripts are sent back to you quickly, within the agreed turnaround times. Regardless of the urgency, you can still trust us to deliver your medical transcription adapted to your taste and style. Moreover, we have transcriptionists with a unique range of skills for urgent reports such as clinical, operative, physical summaries.


At TSUK, we put you and your patients first. Our team processes, styling, and documentation revolve around our customers. At all times, we ensure that what you are getting matches the tone of your usual documents.

We understand how your needs might vary from one project to another. That is why when you engage us, you will be assigned a project manager. Our representative will then handle your inquiries. Once they do, they liaise with our transcriptionists to deliver a high quality medical transcription service suited to your needs.

Human Transcription

Unlike other medical transcription service providers, we don’t use automatic transcription software. For a start, those AI tools attract an extra cost.

Furthermore, sharing your details on third-party software means your data is not safe. So instead of such unsafe and costly processes, we at TSUK use

100% human transcriptionists. By doing so, we help to keep your cost down and your data intact. The experts that we use understand medical terminologies through and through. In other words, you needn’t worry about quality.


Understandably, you can use all sorts of devices to record your procedures. Be it iPhone, iPad, laptop or even Android: we can handle audio files in any format. Our medical transcriptionists can work on your document and translate regardless of the device you used, provided there is not too much background noise in the dictation. We can also translate your medical dictation into over 150 languages if you need to make it available to a global audience. Equally, we understand you might need revisions on some deliverables. In that case, we have a 2-week window to help you with unlimited edits.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“The quick and professional response and service offered by TSUK us to meet a tight deadline. Thanks!”

David – Appsflyer

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What Medical Transcription Services Do We Offer?

Our medical transcriptions cover the following services:

●        Operative Reports Transcription

●        Hospital Transcription

●        Gastroenterology Transcription

●        Chiropractic Transcription

●        Emergency Room Transcription

●        Physical Therapy Transcription

●        Rehabilitation Transcription

●        Dermatology Transcription

●        Medical Audio Files Transcriptions

●        Patient Consultations Transcription

●        GP Practice Transcription

●        Medical Dictation Transcriptions

●        Medical Software Transcriptions

How Do Medical Transcription Services Work?

At TSUK, we handle your medical transcription needs in 4 stages.

The first stage: you submit your project audio. Here, we ask for crucial details such as speech recognition, dictation, specific notes, and tone of voice.

The second stage: we assign a Project Manager to you after reviewing your information. They will be the one to handle your inquiries. And more importantly, they are also the one to get you a FREE quote for your specific needs.

The third stage: our medical transcriptionists work on the projects they have been assigned by the project manager. They will take into account all types of files you need – based on your preferred format. After, an experienced medical linguist will conduct a quality check on the drafts and finalize the transcripts.

The fourth stage: once the work is complete, the project manager will do a final review. They will do this to check if we met your requirements. After, they will send the deliverables to you. After reviewing the medical transcripts, it’s now up to you to do the last check. If

you need a revision, you can send the documents back to us within a 2-week window.

How Much Does Our Medical Transcription Service Cost?

Typical medical transcription services charge you per minute. Even at that, the pricing is not final. It varies with other factors such as:

●        The complexity of your topic

●        The turnaround time in which you need document. Do you prefer the regular delivery schedule or within 24 hours?

●        The quality of your recordings. If you submit poor-quality audio, our medical transcriptionists will need more time to work on your document. And that means more charges. 

In all, you can only get the cost for your medical transcription services when you

request a quote from us.

Who Can Use Our Medical Transcription Services?

Any health provider can use our services. However, we have reservations for:

●        Private and public hospitals

●        Specialist clinics

●        Physicians

●        Surgeons

●        Allied health professionals

●        Medicolegal consultants

●        Nurses

●        Small and large medical practices

●        Medical professionals

●        Medical research experts

Can You Decide When We Deliver Your Transcripts?

Yes, you can!

We offer our clients a range of delivery timelines. You can pick from the regular or even ask for urgent needs. Either way, you can rest assured that we will do our best to meet your expectations.

How Long Does It Take To Transcribe 1 Hour Of Dictations?

The duration of our medical transcription service per file depends on the quality of audio you submit to us. However, if the background noise and regional accents are perfect, you will get your transcript within three to four hours.

How Will You Ensure The Confidentiality Of Every Medical Report?

At TSUK, we implement a strict protocol for handling medical transcriptions. Moreover, data security is one of our core values. And we have our transcriptionists sign non-disclosure agreements.

In the agreement, we state clearly that our medical transcriptionists shall not share, sell, publish or distribute information to any third party. Else, they will suffer legal consequences.

Overall, our approaches have helped us to set the standard. Today, TSUK is one of the leading medical transcription service providers in the UK. We offer quality at relatively affordable prices. 

Imagine what our services can do for you! Peace of mind and assured quality! So, contact us today to get started. You can do that via email or the form on this page. Either way, be rest assured that our customer service representatives will be on hand to assist you.

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