Best Things to Do in London

While London is well known for its rich history, the English capital is also a thriving center of European arts, food, and culture. There are numerous tourist traps but if you want to explore the city well, go local. Visit sprinkle food markets, neighborhood strolls, and royal gardens. Even though the city is ever-evolving, some things will never change. Here are some of the things to do whenever you visit London. Further facts about London can be found here.

Buckingham Palace

Some individuals may consider the Buckingham palace and the changing of guard exercise a tourist trap. They tend to forget that this is the only place to experience the pomp and circumstances of British royalty. Visit the royal mews, staterooms, and queens gallery. Since opening times and schedules tend to vary based on the season, it’s good to check online. Information about Cool Things To Do in London can be found here. 

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Visiting this place is among the best things to do, especially when traveling with children. Both adults and kids of all ages will enjoy the white tower, fortress, crown jewels, medieval palace, and a tour led by a tour guard. Remember to stroll across the famous bridge in London. 

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